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Estate Wines

Aurelia 2010 & 2011

A Blanc du Bois harvested with gold grapes, yielding soft tropical fruits of pineapple, mango, and guava with a buttery finish.




A Reserve Blanc du Bois harvested with translucent gold grapes directly exposed to the sun, yielding a crisp mineral finish and complex fruity bouquet.


Bella Donna

A White port style wine made from our estate grown Blanc du Bois. Bella Donna has a slightly sweet profile with citrus notes of lemon zest and honey finishing with a refreshing crispness.




Made from the Norton grape, this is Forte’s alter-ego, a purely “red fruit” wine very similar to Pinot Noir. Cherries, raspberries, and more cherries best describes Roma. Brilliant red, slightly translucent color mimic Pinot in the extreme. Texas minerality exacerbates its red fruit profile and creates its crisp, complex finish in a Fresh style.



Veritas most closely resembles the mountainside Cabs with its intense perfume of varietally accurate pyrazine and blackberry, as opposed to the thick, jammy valley-floor Cabernets. Veritas benefits from high-calcium soils, which resemble the terroir of the granite mountainsides, while enjoying the ever-present winds at The Vineyard at Florence reducing accumulated heat to a minimum.





A proprietary Lenoir blend exuding very black fruit and color. Forte is very much like pure Syrah with spice and pepper, inky black color, and soft tannins resulting in a pure “black fruit” wine.


Bell’Amore Wines


Yields a light citrus taste of peach and pear with a honey finish and a sugar residual of approximately 3%. Dolce is both sweet and dry. It pairs well with most desserts.



Second label Vineyard at Florence blend emulating a Chenin Blanc off-dry, Loire Valley style of wine. This wine’s aroma emits honeydew and green apple amidst a strong musty mineral scent. This wine pairs well with salads, fish, and chicken.



Second label Vineyard at Florence blend of black fruit wine styles.  Typically French style, Sorriso is wonderfully spicey, slightly smokey, pleasantly tannic, and rustic with a round finish.  Sorriso is a good food pairing with lamb and most any barbeque meal.